Global Inflight Services

Global Inflight Services is part of the F&E Aviation Holdings system. Our company performs a variety of aviation services to the world’s finest airlines. Our services include maintenance, engineering, ground handling, aircraft appearance and in-flight crew personnel resources and management. Our company has been in business since 1992. We have stations throughout the US including: Miami, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Anchorage and Los Angeles.

Global Inflight Services allows Flight Departments to focus on their core business model. We provide a seamless process, that allows us to administer to our clients’ a Corporate Flight Attendant Program. This program can consist of using their flight attendants or ours. Our primary goal is to provide a customized and standardized program that exceeds the safety and service expectations of our clients.

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Global Inflight Services along with Global Cabin Crew Elite provides first class crews for private aviation and yacht clients...

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Our Clients

Global Inflight Services, Inc. caters to finest and most prestigious airlines around the world...

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Global Inflight Services, Inc. provides flight attendants that excel at uncompromising safety, outstanding quality, and exceptional service.

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